A Taste of the British Isles


Sophia Yacoviello

Piper’s Pub is a family-owned pub located in the South Side of Pittsburgh. They have been operating since 1999 and make an effort to be “the definition of a public house for each and every person that walks through our door”. They mainly serve food from the British Isles (Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, and the Isles of Man) but also have a few American staples on the menu, such as chicken fingers and french fries.

Food from the British Isles has been influenced throughout history by many different groups, thus creating a diverse and mouthwatering cultural menu. This culture also translates to the restaurant itself. Complete with dim lighting, rustic wood furniture, and pictures from the Isles lining the walls, stepping into Piper’s is like being transported to the Isles themselves. Piper’s has the “feel” of a family-owned and well-loved place. You can also usually catch a game of soccer, or football as they call it, on the many tvs in the pub and restaurant. Piper’s also has their own fantasy league you are able to partake in.

In addition to having cultural names for the food, the food itself is rich in taste, flavor, and history. Being a first-time customer at Piper’s Pub, I was overwhelmed with all of the choices the menu provided me with. Luckily my waitress was incredibly helpful in the decision-making process. She recommended some signature and classic dishes she thought I would like and even explained exactly what they were. I ended up getting a ton of food so that I could fully experience all that Piper’s has to offer. To start off, I had the gaelic onion soup which was absolutely to die for. My mom ended up getting the “Black Watch” burger and I got the “Shepherd’s Pie”and the “Toad in the Hole”. Each dish had a unique and flavorful taste that was absolutely amazing. The entres average around $15 but they have both more and less expensive options. I highly recommend all of them to anyone who ever goes to Piper’s.

The wait staff is incredible. Our cups were always filled and anything we needed we got within a short amount of time. My mom has a gluten sensitivity and our waitress helped her to find a dish that she could eat and enjoy. They were very accommodating and even offered vegetarian options. The staff seems to genuinely care about the customers and the experience that they have.

Everything about Piper’s is quality. From the ambiance of the restaurant, to the food, to the staff. I had an amazing experience and will definitely go back for more. To anyone looking for a place to eat for St.Patty’s day or for just a good hearty meal in general, Piper’s Pub is undeniably the place to go.