Tag Movie

Jacob Stuckert

The movie tag was a great family comedy to watch. Jeff Tomasic really did a good job with bringing this story to life. At first I did not want to watch this movie because I thought it was a dumb idea for a movie. The more you get into the plot the more the movie makes sense. I watched this movie online awhile after it came out. The movie was about a group of friends and how they stick together by playing tag.

First the basic plot of the movie was very good. I love the message it sent that no matter how old you grow you should keep your childhood friends close and still play games. The movie itself demonstrated well how the bond between the friends was kept by playing this game. At some points the movie seemed unrealistic, but that is what you have to do when writing a movie about tag. There was a lot of deeper concepts to the movie as well that made it such a good movie. The cast of the movie was really good as well. Ed Helms is a really good actor and really portrayed one of the main characters really well.

Second the characters in the movie kinda portrayed a basic high school group and it is very relatable. It is cool to see how they were in highschool with the flashbacks they did in the movie and then see their jobs now. The soundtrack was also very good and went along well with the movie. The clothes the actors wore really portrayed their characters well.

The movie was also rated R and there was a lot of cursing and the use of some drugs in the film. The movie was altogether a good film that I enjoyed watching. I thought the cursing made the movie funnier and that it was more relatable cause it was stuff everyone has heard or said.

In summary, the movie Tag was a great movie. I would not put it in my top 10 movies of all time because it was a great movie but it didn’t have that significant impact a movie needs to be great. I would highly recommend to watch this movie because it’s a great movie to watch when you have some time to kill and want a good movie to watch. I would give this movie a 6.8/10.