New Year, Five More Months

New Year, Five More Months

Gianna DiDaolo, Editor-in-Chief

Happy new year to all, especially the Class of 2019! If you haven’t noticed, we’re about a week away from being second semester seniors, and five months away from graduating high school and going our separate ways! The next five months are going to fly, so we should make the best of it with the time we have left!

In 2019, in my opinion, we should all just let go of the drama that happened in 2018 and start off the year fresh and friendly. If you put it into perspective, we’ll never see each other again so why not just be nice? Also, being mean and petty is just wasted time and energy when we can be spreading love and making memories that last. In conclusion, no more drama in 2019!

For the underclassmen, you have five months until you move closer to graduation, therefore work hard in your classes and make an impression at North Hills because this isn’t forever! Like us seniors, your time is running out, and soon you’ll be stressed over college tuition and finding a semi-normal roomate, so you should enjoy the high school fun while it lasts.

From my personal perspective, I can already feel that 2019 is going to be an extraordinary year, and I hope the students of North Hills feel the same. Onto new beginnings for the new year!