A Year in Nerd


Maria Brusca, Staff Writer

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Adventure Time Final Episode: September 3 2018

The game changing cartoon Adventure Time aired its last episode. The one hour behemoth of an episode ended the series off with a bang while still leaving room for fans to theorize and discuss. 8.5/10


Voltron: Legendary Defenders Season 7: August 10, 2018

This Season of Voltron felt like a mix bag for many fans including myself. Meeting the teams families and spending a lot of time on a post apocalyptic like earth was an interesting change from the monster of the week space battles of previous seasons. Many of our main characters saw more development and the announcement of Shiro’s sexuality sent waves through the fan base. But in all honestly it felt weaker to me than previous seasons. 7/10


Jessica Jones Season 2: March 8th 2018

Despite this season being more muddled and drama centralized than the first, it was still a blast to see everyone’s favorite super powered P.I come back to the screen. The mom storyline dragged a bit though 5.5/10




Avengers: Infinity War: April 27, 2018

This movie was a ride; that much is for sure. Seeing all the build up from previous movies coming to a head was well worth the price of admission, despite some fan favorite heros getting less screen time. This film knew how to tear at the heartstrings of every Marvel fan and have them on the edge for the continuation coming in March of 2019 (hopefully). 9.5/10


Deadpool 2: May 18th 2018

Everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth is back with another adventure. This film is in my humble opinion a worthy successor to the beast that was the first Deadpool movie. 9/10


Ready Player One: March 29, 2018

Honestly as someone who read the majority of the book before seeing this film, I can say it is not the same story. But taking the film on its own, it’s a nice adventure worth a look, but don’t go in expecting an exact recreation of the book by the same name. 6/10


Next Gen: September 7, 2018

Next Gen is a charming coming of age released by Netflix about an angry and rebellious young girl meeting a robot who has limited memory space. Its very charming and I really enjoyed it. So I will not spoil the story too much but it’s worth a watch. 8/10


Black Panther: January 29th 2018

Marvel started off the year with a surprise hit with they’re latest addition to the Marvel MCU. The cinematography and music choice is a film analysts wonderland and the story itself, though simple, conveys its message in a fresh and interesting way. Killmonger also solidifies himself as one of the top tier marvel villains. 9/10




Spiderman PS4: September 7, 2018

Spider-man is back in action with a return to from video game. Thankfully creating its own lore rather then riding off the coattails of a recent film adaptation. With hours of side and story missions to go around I can say it’s well worth the price for any Spiderman fan looking for a new story to sink their teeth into. 9/10


Detroit: Become Human: May 25, 2018

Despite the game having that David Cage brand quicktime fest, for once it lends itself to the game well, and the story may be generic at best and preachy at worst  it was still an enjoyable experience with memorable characters and heartbreaking moments. I’d say it’s worth a look if you like story based gameplay. 7/10


Life is Strange 2: September 27, 2018 

Though only the first episode is out currently, it’s still a great start to another adventure in the world of life is strange. With only a passing mention to the last games protagonists and story it seems to be another story set in the same world, which I can get behind.7/10


TellTales Walking Dead the final season: August 14, 2018

Despite the studios sudden closure late in the year, the game itself still has that walking dead touch that made the first game in the series so memorable. With Skybound picking up development for the rest of the season hopefully we can see the end of clementines adventure. Game itself: 8/10 TellTales treatment of employees: -10/10