Blaze Pizza


Rebekah Froehlich, Website Editor

A new pizza restaurant just opened in The Block at Northway – Blaze. While there are many locations across the United States and even the Pittsburgh area, this is the first to venture into the North Hills.

When I first heard about this restaurant, my interest was immediately piqued. The idea of a quick service pizza place was enough, but after taking a look at the menu, I knew Blaze was going to be more than that. With Green Stripe, Veg-out, BBQ Chicken and more, everyone will find something they like. Even if you don’t like any of the eight various signature pies, there’s always a build-your-own option. Even the pickiest of eaters can be happy here.

Upon entering Blaze I was greeted with the warm smell of to put it simply, pizza. Even though it was Sunday evening an hour from close, the end to a busy opening weekend, the staff was bubbly and welcoming. It felt like you walked into a family shop, just a little modernized. Everyone was very helpful when my mom and I had questions. “First time at Blaze?” the man at the counter asked us while we squinted at the menu, “let me help you out.” He helped us choose which kind of pies to get. I decided on half “Veg-out” and half “White Top.” My mom got the simple pie. Each pizza is reasonably priced at around $8.00 give or take for extra toppings, glute

n free dough, etc. The restaurant is very accommodating when it comes to personalizing a pizza due to dietary restrictions and personal preference.

The actual pizza building experience was very Subway-esque. You walk down a line and watch them make your thin crust, personal pan (6 cut) pizza. They ask you which kinds of toppings you would like to have/ substitute and how much of everything fits your preference. For example, I added feta cheese to my whole pizza and green peppers to the Veg-out side for no extra cost. You give the final check before it goes into their wood-fired pizza oven. The entire process takes maybe 15 minutes from picking your dough to sitting down with a hot pizza.

Taste wise, the pizza at Blaze is absolutely delicious. My entire pie was covered in delicious cold arugula which complemented the cheesy goodness, and a ranch drizzle. Honestly, the White Top side was better than the Veg-out side. The White-Top’s creamy sauce won me over compared to the tangy marinara. Also, since it’s quick fired, the veggies didn’t have time to become roasted and got cold quickly. That was my biggest complaint is that by the time I was two slices in, the pizza was already cold. If you are a fast eater, or don’t mind a room temperature pizza, it’s perfectly fine.

Overall, Blaze is the new place to be. From the flexibility with flavors and ingredients, there is something for everyone. The welcoming, enthusiastic staff and modern atmosphere is only the cherry on top. When you walk into Blaze you can be confident that you are not only going to have a good pizza but a good time.