Let Thanksgiving Run Its Course


Emma Craft, Staff Writer

Ah yes. It’s finally November and you know what that means… Christmas time! — not. I’ve noticed that there are two types of people in this world; the people that cherish Thanksgiving, and then the people that start celebrating Christmas the day after Halloween. I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t think about Christmas during November… or turn on Christmas music when I’m in the mood, but there is still no excuse for overlooking Thanksgiving.

It is so much more than just a plate full of that classic Thanksgiving menu. Which, let’s just  talk about that for a minute. There is nothing better than sitting around the table, loved ones around you, with a plate full of the greatest foods in the world. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, carrots, rolls, pie, ice cream. Plus, everyone has that one dish that their family makes every year, just for this one day, and you get excited to eat it every Thanksgiving. Whatever it may be, I’m sure that it is delicious. Okay, enough of that, I’m starting to get hungry with all of this food talk. My point is, how often do you get all of that food all at once. Exactly. Enjoy it.

But, in all seriousness, it means being thankful for the people and the things that you have in your life. Everyone will celebrate it differently as well, which is what makes this day so special. People cherish different things is so many different ways. Think about your family, and the things that you do on Thanksgiving day. Is it go to church? Is it watch the parade? Watch a football game? Go ice skating? Simply just spend the day at home cooking? Whatever it may be, just being together is what it is all about. Everyday, you should look back on the things that you are thankful for, but when there is a specific day meant for gathering and appreciating the company of others, why overlook it? Be with your family and soak in the moments you have with them, no matter how annoying they may be, or how much trouble they may cause, enjoy their time and company.

Alright, enough sappy talk, can we talk about Black Friday? There’s nothing better than fighting with people over the last of one thing that you want, or waiting in hour long lines just to buy three things. Sounds like fun, right? Or some people choose to spend their shopping differently, by being on the computer and online shopping, which is just as good. It avoids the craziness I guess you could say.

Anyways, if we’re all being honest here, Christmas has basically a whole month just dedicated to the anticipation of opening gifts for an hour, but Thanksgiving really only gets the week to prepare your stomach for the mass amounts of food that you are going to eat. So, just let November be November, let Thanksgiving have its time, and then after that, the moment everyone has been waiting for. Christmas. But nonetheless, happy holidays and have an amazing Thanksgiving. All I have to say is, get your workout routine ready, folks, because some of us have a long way to go to get that six-pack.