SADD Anti-Drug Summit


Emma Craft, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, November 14th, the North Hills SADD club visited Orchard Hill in Wexford for a drug summit sponsored by KDKA news.

During this very eye opening event, 14 different schools had the opportunity to sit and listen to  reasons to not do drugs and consequences of doing them. Doctors, police officers, news casters, and many more that had been affected by the use of drugs and alcohol shared their emotional stories. Along with that, students had the opportunity to share their very own personal stories as well as ask any questions for the guests. The entire event was broadcasted on live radio.

The day started off with Marty Griffin going live on the radio. Griffin told many very personal stories about how drugs have affected him and his life. One of many statements that Griffin had made during the broadcast was, “Anyone with an addiction knows that it is demonic, it’s dark and evil, but it is here, and it is here to stay.” Those words sparked many students to share their stories and ask questions. Another guest included Carmen Capozzi, a sponsor of the Sage’s Army, an organization started after Capozzi’s son died after an overdose back in 2012. His heartbreaking story created an emotion ambiance in the auditorium. In his efforts to prevent the same thing from happening to other students, he stated, “Talk to your parents, go to your counselors, do not keep it to yourself. Silence kills.”

Throughout the event, emotions were running high, but it was for the better of the students. All were informed about the effects of drugs, but not only that, they learned about the consequences that drugs have in store for not only themselves, but the people around them as well. KDKA does this event many times a year, because it is very important for them to keep the new and upcoming ages healthy and drug free.