West View Borough holds annual Halloween parade


Madison Locke, Staff Writer

West View Borough held its annual Halloween Parade on Monday, October 29, 2018.

The parade took place on Perry Highway and started at 7 p.m. Here, people could show off their Halloween costumes, participate in a costume contest, and get bags of candy for their participation. Policemen and firemen drive their vehicles in the parade, and the marching band marches in the beginning of the parade. There are also stands on the sidewalks and people with bowls of candy if you need a snack.

There are many reasons to participate or even just to go and watch the parade. Justin Assissi, a local fire chief, stated that his favorite part of the parade is “seeing everybody happy and seeing the tradition continue.” The parade has been held annually since he was a kid, and he hopes to see the tradition continue for many years to come.

Assissi is not the only one whose favorite part is seeing the kids enjoy themselves. Kevin Brown, one of the traffic guards, said his favorite part is “seeing all the kids have a good time.”

One participant reported that he comes back year after year because of the candy. Participants receive a bag of candy, including Twizzlers, M&M’s, Cow Tales, at the end of the parade.

There is a judges’ stand, also. The judges judge the participants’ costumes on creativity, originality, scare factor, and overall favorite. Erin Lankes, one of the judges, said her favorite part of judging the kids is “seeing all the creativity of the costumes.”

No matter what, there is always something fun to do here, from participating in the parade to watching the people in the parade. Participants and spectators should remember to dress warm because it is usually cold on the day the parade takes place. This event has been going on for years now, and people from all over West View and Ross Township, both students and adults, dress up to walk in the parade.