The Glow: A Jack O’ Lantern Experience


Emma Craft, Staff Writer

On October 6th, I went to an event called The Glow at Hartwood Acres. Now I know that some of you are asking yourself right now, what is The Glow? Well, to answer that question, this event is a ⅓ mile trail lined with over 5,000 hand carved pumpkins ranging from simple jack o’lanterns, to Disney princesses, all the way to dinosaurs and turtles. It really was something that I’ve never seen before and would seriously go back to in heartbeat. However, there are a few criticisms I have for that night.

The main issue was actually before I even got to Hartwood Acres. Just let me tell you now, if you go to the wrong entrance of Hartwood Acres, you are going to get so lost and not know where to go. I mean, I would know… that happened to me. My mom and I used Google Maps, put in Hartwood Acres, and went in circles trying to find the way. At least when I went, there were no signs telling me where to go, where to turn, not to turn around and use the other entrance, nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, they may have fixed that due to some complaints that they probably received from the guests that were lost, but that was a huge issue when I went. Now, before you think that my mom and I are just dumb, let me tell you that there were tons and tons of car driving in circles, stopping on the side of the road to ask for directions, completely turning around and going home — actually, I don’t know if that last one is true, but I wouldn’t doubt it! Just make a note to yourself: go to the concert entrance, not the mansion one.

Finally, after resolving that problem with about ten other confused people and getting to where we needed to go, we parked, walked into the event and then went in line. For parking, there were plenty of security and traffic guards that got you into a space safely and efficiently. When in line, there are about three wide rows of lines separating the time on your ticket. When I went, there was an 8:30 pm line, a 9:00 pm line, and a 9:30 pm line. So, it was about 8:50 pm, and we went into the 9:00 pm line because that’s when our tickets were for. Little did we know that we would be standing there for about 40 minutes waiting to get onto the trail. They filter people about 50 at a time y onto the trail from each line. It would’ve been nice if they would’ve mentioned that on the ticket or the website… just saying.

Once you’re in, this is going to be an experience like nothing you’ve experienced before. It got me in the fall and halloween spirit so quickly, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Sidenote: I seriously don’t believe that the carvers get enough credit for their work. It’s incredible, and there is at least one pumpkin that everyone can appreciate. Anyone and everyone can go to this event… except your pet… sadly. The pumpkins and the lights illuminate the trail and the trees around you, creating a very warm, peaceful, and festive ambiance. Walking around was so relaxing and breathtaking. Plus, you get to stop and take some pictures to remember the event, even though all of mine turned out horrible. With all of that said, professional pictures on their website and even me writing this doesn’t do The Glow its justice. I highly recommend going and seeing it all for yourself- you won’t regret it.