Fall, Would You Rather?

Fall, Would You Rather?

Rebekah Froehlich, Website Editor

Which fall festivities are you going to indulge in?

… walk through a complete haunted house by yourself or be stuck in a corn maze for 3 hours?

… get no Halloween candy or only get gummy body parts?

… find a tarantula on your face while you’re sleeping or a mummy in your backseat?

… have your house get egged or TP someone else’s and get a $200 fine?

… go on a hayride with your crush or take a hot air balloon ride by yourself?

… have an unlimited supply of fall scented candles or an unlimited amount of apple pie?

… wear a buttoned up flannel every day or uggs every other day?

… be the only one celebrating Halloween or have everyone else celebrate but you?

… get a bleach stain on your favorite sweater or have a dog chew up your boots?

… have apple cider every day or hot chocolate every day?

… get free tickets to every school football game or go to an all inclusive fall festival for free?