This Week’s Headlines: October 1-5

Rebekah Froehlich, Website Editor

1.) Kanye or just “ye” tweeted this past weekend that “We (America) will provide jobs for all who are free from prisons as we abolish the 13th Amendment.” This was met with extreme backlash as the 13th Amendment abolished slavery.

2.) Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the supreme court was put on hold yet again as an FBI background check was forced.

3.) Elon Musk has stepped aside as Tesla Chairman for three years and will pay a $20 million fine after an inappropriate tweet alluding to drugs.

4.) Parts of North Carolina are becoming overrun with massive mosquitoes called “gallinippers.” They often lay their eggs in lowland and flood waters. They do not transmit human diseases, but they do discourage people from spending long periods of time outside.

5.) New antibiotics are being introduced that will be able to subdue appendicitis without the need of surgery.