Should the Steelers Panic after Tie with Browns?


Justin Hawkins, Sports Editor

The Steelers did not play well at all in this past Sunday’s game against the browns. The only good things that came out of the game were the efforts of James Connor and TJ Watt. Connor had 135 yards and 2 touchdowns and Watt had 11 tackles 4 sacks and a blocked field goal. Nothing else was very good. Maybe Juju with 119 yards receiving, but other than that Ben Roethlisberger played horribly and Antonio Brown just didn’t play like himself. Even though he had good stats he really did not impact the game. Le’veon Bell shows no signs of returning anytime soon. Can James Connor keep it up? So that’s why I ask the question; after week one should the Steelers and fans start to panic?

I know it’s hard to see the Browns win or at least keep a game close. But you have to give them credit. They made smart season moves and they got a lot better. Denzel Ward, their 4th overall pick, had 2 interceptions. Tyrod Taylor didn’t throw the ball well but he used his legs to his advantage. Myles Garrett, last year’s 1st overall pick, got to Ben quite a bit he looked very good out there.

The Steelers looked horrible though. Ben is aging now 36 years old and he threw 3 interceptions, maybe he doesn’t have it anymore. I don’t care how well James Conner did, losing the best runningback in the league will definitely take a toll on our team. And can we have cornerbacks that actually know how to play football? They are pretty bad, unless Jarvis Landry is that good, and I doubt it.

But my answer to the question is don’t panic. It’s week one there’s a lot we have to do. We need to get used to playing with the rookies and the o-line has to learn to block for a new running style. Plus the browns did get a lot better and Hue Jackson is not a bad head coach even after last season. We didn’t start great last year either, we just played bad teams. So don’t panic, let’s be patient and let them get better as the season goes on.