Senior Things With Malina Kamienski


Asia Neill

Every day is a step closer to graduation for our seniors. I’ve had the honor of being teammates with Malina Kamienski on the volleyball team, and she’s one of my favorite seniors! Here’s some senior questions with the one, the only, Malina Kamienski.

A: Are you excited to graduate?

M: I am super excited to graduate, but I’m also kind of nervous for college.

A: What is your favorite memory of high school?

M: Homecoming (:

A: What do your days as a senior look like?

M: I wake up, go to school, usually go to work, do homework, and go to bed. When I don’t have work, I’m usually with my friends.

A: How do you get through these long school days?

M: Honestly I listen to music to help me get through school. Also, I talk to my friends so I’m not bored.

A: What are some perks of being a senior?

M: Everyone respects you, people move for you in the hallways, SENIOR PROM AND SENIOR WEEK, senior skip days, and you get to leave school early.

A: What classes do you recommend taking?

M: Take Gourmet Foods, Psychology, CHS Anatomy, Career and Personal Planning and Gym.

A: What is senioritis? Do you have it?

M: Senioritis is when a senior has no motivation anymore because they got accepted into college, and all they want to do is graduate. Also yes… I have it…

A: What will you miss most about high school?

M: I will obviously miss my friends the most (:

A: What won’t you miss?

M: I will NOT miss any of the drama.

A: Any advice for NH students?

M: My advice to you is to not care about what other people think about you. Also, have as much fun as you can because it is over before you know it.