Saquon Barkley Bust or Gem: BUST!

Justin Hawkins, Writer

Saquon Barkley is the best prospect in the NFL draft in alot of peoples opinion; including mine. The 6 foot 233 pound running back out of Penn State University was easily the best running back in college football this year. At the NFL combine he ran a 4.40 40 yard dash and did 29 reps on the bench press. He proved he has a uncommon combination of speed and strength. Now Saquon, as I said before, looks to be the best prospect in the draft; he definitely seems like the perfect running back.

But he’s not perfect; speed and strength can only get you so far in the NFL. He is a pure athlete, but I think his football IQ could be a little better. I feel that sometimes he tries to do a little too much and ends up losing some yards. His confidence is great, but he needs to be careful that some people don’t take that as arrogance. He knows he’s the best in the draft and so does everyone else, but he needs to be aware it’s a lot harder in the NFL. He also has to continue to train more and adjust to the new schedule. I understand everyone has to, but being him, there is a tremendous amount of pressure. The lights are going to be bright and all eyes will be on him. We will have to see if he’s up to the task.

Unfortunately we see this all the time – a great player that lets the fame go to his head. Players like Johnny Manziel, Ezekiel Elliott, Ben Roethlisberger, and Josh Gordon… the list can go on and on. Some players bounce back. Some don’t.

So yes, my prediction is he will end up being a huge bust. The lights are too bright, there will be too much attention on him, and he will not be able to bring his college game to the NFL and be successful.