Seven of the Best Cafe’s

Seven of the Best Cafes

Asia Neill

Pittsburgh has some pretty sweet coffee shops! Sit back and sip away to the world of coffffeeeeeeee ((;

De Fer Coffee and Tea

This colorful coffee shop is fairly new to the PGH area. The shop shows off its at home roasted coffee beans and specialty drinks as you soak in the atmosphere. This trendy spot smells like a dream, and looks like one too! If your not a coffee person, enjoy some rare teas to start off your day.


Orbis Caffe

Want some funky coffee? Try Orbis’ Indonesian coffee and their ever changing menu! This European-looking cafe offers many food items along with many styles of coffee from earthy to fruity. If you want something new, Orbis is the place for you!



Deep in East Allegheny lies this small hipster coffee shop. Enjoy some delicious coffee as you munch on some warm baked pastries. If you want some quick in-and-out grub, enjoy this cute little coffee house.



If you really, really like coffee, Arriviste is the place for you. The modern coffee shop takes coffee to a WHOLE new level with their stunning presentation and cool new flavors. If your normal starbucks is bothering you, it’s worth trying this trendy place in the heart of Shadyside.


4121 Main

This cute coffee shop serves up some crafty coffees. Enjoy the sweet-sipping as you experience some local art and flowers! The vibrant shop is filled with natural light and wakes you up not only because of the coffee. Share art ideas with other local artists every day as you enjoy the floral atmosphere.


Constellation Coffee

Oh Lawrenceville, can you get any more cute? In 2013, Lawrenceville responded to this question by adding this super trendy tiny coffee shop. This shop is a very good place to study or work. The atmosphere is so relaxing that it draws you inside. Enjoy some artisan lattes as you sit back and enjoy your stay.


Coffee Buddha

This super fun homey coffee shop sits in our own backyard! Discover movies, art and lots of coffee without having to drive far! This cozy shop includes multiple study rooms, a living room, a dog friendly patio, and a welcoming vibe. Oh yeah, and food trucks are commonly parked right outside! Bonus!


Enjoy your coffee ((;