We Need A Plague


Selena Bell, Editor-in-Chief

*Disclaimer: The ideas presented here do not truly represent the ideology of North Hills.


Our global population is exploding.  Seven to eight billion  people scuttling all over the globe.  Many of us do not see this as a problem, but good old Momma Nature cannot withstand much more.

In the past, us little human beings were significantly more vulnerable.  Fleas could kill us, cancer could kill us, the flu even, could easily kill us.  What has happened?  We are just too smart for our own good, rather than focusing on the sustainability of the planet, we are stuck focusing on the sustainability of individual human lives.  As more and more people actually survive past childhood, more and more children are born there after; does anyone else see a problem here?

Though you may think that I am insane, this is an argument that has been thought through for years. Our ballooning population has been thought to be a problem since the eighteen hundreds.  Yep, even then people were like, “Wow, this is going to be an issue.”  Now that is really is an issue, no one wants to pay attention to it.  Additionally, many of you may be thinking that you, personally, do not want to die for the greater good of humanity, but let it be known that a plague may only effect less than fifty percent of the population, killing only around thirty percent.  These percentages would significantly assist to the happiness of the planet, and really, around a thirty percent mortality rate isn’t that bad.  Think of it this way… you have a seventy percent chance of living.

Our population has reached Earth’s carrying capacity and only a small group of out enormous population feel as though anything should be done.  If a plague were to disrupt human life we all would be better off in the long run; more jobs, the survivors would be of great health and immunity, and the remaining population would be sustainable. It is time to make some sacrifices and perish to prosper.