Second Semester Advice


Justin Greco, Print

As the new semester begins, we will all be forced into contact with both new and old teachers and classmates. Here is a simple guide on what to do and what not do on your first day.


  1. Don’t sit alone in some corner – Try to find a friend or at least someone you know to sit by on the first day. Even if you don’t know anyone in the class, make an attempt to sit near a group of people. You can make friends with the most unlikely people.
  2. Laugh at any joke your new teacher says – Even if it is the corniest joke you ever heard, pretend you liked it. There will be plenty of time later on in the semester to call them out on their terrible jokes, if they continue.
  3. Don’t ask too many questions – Teachers have to repeat the same things a bunch of times for different classes on the first day, so don’t annoy them anymore than they already may be.
  4. Don’t give your teacher an apple – Yeah I really don’t think anyone actually does this, but if this applies to you, please just stop.
  5. Don’t immediately start a bunch of drama – I don’t care if your forced to sit next to your least favorite person in the world, contain yourself for everyone’s sake.
  6. Pretend to be somewhat excited, even if you aren’t. – Let’s be honest, nobody likes math, but nobody likes to hear your complaining either, so keep those snarky comments to yourself.


If you follow (most) of these things, you should be setting yourself up for at least a decent second half of the year.