Bowl Games


Brendan Carney, Print

It was a very exciting year for bowl games in the college football this season. We saw some close scores and many came out differently than expected.

The Outback Bowl was one of the more exciting ones that I watched. South Carolina was at a 16 point deficit towards the end the end of the 3rd quarter with the score being 19-3 Michigan. South Carolina before the end of the quarter caused and recovered two fumble recoveries, which with few big run plays from running back Rico Dowdle and a perfect pass from Jake Bentley to Bryan Edwards. Bentley then went on to march down the field with huge passes to make it 23-19 South Carolina. A botched moment happened when following an interception from Michigan, South Carolina punted the ball back in which a fair catch was dropped and recovered by the Gamecocks. Following yet another interception South Carolina solidified its victory with huge comeback.

The Peach Bowl was a proud and special moment for UCF having a perfect 13-0 season beating powerhouse Auburn 34-27. The game really started to pick up in the early half of the 2nd quarter when UCF caused a fumble and was run 40 yards from the middle of the field until pushed out of bounds. A spectacular block by Shaquem Griffin, who plays football with one hand at high level D1 football, gave them the extra yards on that play. Mckenzie Milton the UCF QB made some great passes and had two big runs, one resulting in a touchdown. The score changed a few times. Milton continued to dominate the field through air and ground. The score was 27-20 UCF halfway through the 4th quarter, Auburn blocked a crucial field goal to make it a one score game. An interception and a few turn overs later, with 30 seconds left in the game Auburn threw an interception on a bad throw away pass keeping UCF’s perfect season intack and a Peach Bowl win.

The ever so anticipated Rose Bowl game, this year for the first time ever went into overtime, but it went even another step forward and took it into double overtime. A very high scoring game with many score changes have Oklahoma and Georgia switching the lead. A very high scoring game with the score being 17-31 Oklahoma leading into the half, a trick play pass to Heisman winner Victor Mayfield giving them an extra boost of points into the half. Georgia used its powerful running game to tie the score 31-31 close to the end of the 3rd quarter. Both teams made big plays in the 4th quarter making the score 38-38 when Georgia fumbled the ball with Oklahoma scooping it up for a touchdown. Georgia tied it up 45-45 with 55 seconds to go in the game but was forced to go to overtime where both teams tied it up with field goals. In double overtime Georgia blocked a field goal giving the ball back to Georgia who used their powerful,fast running back Sony Michel won the game with a massive run that brought the game to an epic end: Georgia 54, Oklahoma 48 with Georgia’s massive build up to a shot at the national championship.

The Sugar Bowl, featuring The Alabama Crimson Tide #4 and the Clemson Tigers #1, was a bit of a disappointment to Clemson fans. A one sided affair, with turnover after turnover by Clemson who just gave the ball back to Bama. Clemson never scoring a touchdown, letting Alabama run away with the game winning 24 to 6 giving them another title shot to possibly make it their 6th championship in 9 years.