2017… Was it Bad?


Rebekah Froehlich, Website Editor

While many look upon this past year as one of the worst years in history, 2017 was not all bad. I know that sounds like a lie, but it’s not. There are some pretty good things that happened this year and taking a look at them may help raise everyone’s spirits. So here is a list of some of the good things about 2017:


1.) Life expectancy is increasing around the world. Mortality rates have decreased so that more children live above their fifth birthday than ever before.

2.) Smoking of tobacco products have decreased immensely.

3.) Technology use and production is at an all time high. While there can be conflicting views on the positivity of this, humans are discovering more than ever before.

4.) The number of people living in extreme poverty is decreasing around the world.

5.) More people are educated than ever before. The rate of educated people to uneducated people is around 17:3.

6.) Science is flourishing greatly with research sprouting about. Scientists are very close to coming up with cures for eradicating polio, as well as treating autism and reversing alzheimer’s disease.


While those were fairly broad, there were some specifically good/cool things that happened this year…


7.) The solar eclipse. This year we as a people were united to look upon the skies at an amazing occultation.

8.) Germany, Taiwan, and Australia legalized same sex marriage. This took the number up to 26 countries allowing such acts.

9.) A teen in Florida started a club at his school so that no one has to sit alone at lunch.

10.) Saudi Arabia lifted its women driving ban. Steps toward equality are being taken all over the world.


In conclusion, while the world is in a bit of a rocky state, it is improving. Life is getting more intelligent and in some cases more compassionate. It is important that as well as reflecting on the wrongs, we focus on the things gone right. Let’s make 2018 the year of improvement and kindness.