Broadway Musicals Teach Important Lessons


Megan Medfisch, Print

In a world full of racist, homophobic, and judgmental people, Broadway works to create a completely accepting environment. Many shows currently on Broadway address controversial topics such as racial equality, sexuality, abuse, and suicide. Incorporating these topics into a popular Broadway musical will educate audiences, and help people to stand against discrimination.

The very famous musical Hamilton is known for its cast members. The casting directors do not cast Caucasian people, in an effort to embrace diversity and racial differences. Some people may say this is not fair for white people, as they are not given a chance. However, there are is an endless number of musicals and characters that were made specifically for white people. A show strictly for minorities shows acceptance and equal opportunity for all races to be involved in theatre.

There are many other Broadway musicals that address difficult subjects. Dear Evan Hansen brings up the topic of teen suicide, and how it impacts the lives of family and friends. It even has a song that tells people they will never be forgotten, and there is always someone there for you. The emotional musical Waitress shows how an abusive relationship completely changes one’s life, and it gives hope that there is always a way to achieve happiness. Kinky Boots and Falsettos embrace the LGBTQ community, and display acceptance of everyone, no matter what their sexuality is.

Broadway shows that teach about these important topics will help people to support each other’s differences. Eventually, people will learn from one another and realize that not everyone is the same, and that life would be much more peaceful if everyone could fully express who they are without criticism.