We’re Still Mourning

Were Still Mourning

Darby Vojtko, Print

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017. Just a normal day, right? We all woke up and went through our normal daily routines, right? Actually, no. January 17th, 2017 was a tragic day in history. On January 17th, something absolutely horrible happened. On this terrible day, we lost something near and dear to our hearts. We lost something that brought each of us indescribable amounts of joy. On January 17th, we lost Vine.

If you literally have no life (no offense), I’ll give you some background on Vine. Vine was a social media platform in which you could share six-second-long looping videos. Users of the app could create and post vines as well as like or share other accounts’ vines. These short videos consisted of literally anything from comedy to music to something completely random. Many “viners” gained a huge following from fans on the app and have since used Vine to launch their careers as Youtubers or other types of social media influencers. Vine was started in January of 2013, and tragically died four years later.

Now, some people may question my sanity on this matter and ask, “Why do you care so much? It was just an app.” Oh honey, Vine was much more than just an app. Vine was a community of people from all over the world who shared a love for these six-second videos. Sure, call me crazy, but I think there’s something amazing about everyone knowing who “Miss Keisha” is and that Trey has a basketball game tomorrow. If you make a Vine reference in class, I could almost guarantee someone will understand it and laugh. That’s the beauty of Vine; nothing made sense, but we all understood it together.

Vine provided us with endless entertainment. I could spend, quite literally, hours upon end on Vine. Even now, I avoid all my responsibilities by watching Vine compilations on Youtube or threads on Twitter. Of course, I am thankful I can still watch vines on other social media platforms, but honestly, it just isn’t the same.

This brings me to my next point that there are too many fake Vine fans out here in the world. There are some people who never even had the app downloaded on their phone yet go on and on about how much they miss it. No Becky, stop trying to be relatable and let us REAL Vine fans mourn in peace.

Vine is like that heartbreak that you never quite get over because you know you’ll never get it back. Brian Raftery, a writer for Wired, said it perfectly; “RIP Vine, the Platform That Made 6 Seconds Feel Like a Lifetime.” As depressing as it is that we no longer have something that brought us so much joy, let’s look on the bright side; although we can no longer create vines, we can still look back at all the old ones and reminisce on a simpler time.