Stranger Things 2


Brianna Mikeska, Photo Editor

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, you are missing out. After giving it some thought, it is hands down my favorite show, especially after season 2, which came out Friday October 27th.

Season 2… the long awaited and most anticipated premiere on Netflix. Where’s Eleven? What’s going to happen to Will? WHERE’S BARB?????? This show really does leave you hanging and wanting to watch the next episode. I binge watched the whole thing in one night… it was so worth it.

This new season shows the characters development into who their true characters are and who they’re meant to be. I mean, it is a coming of age story. We are introduced to new characters Billy and Max. Now at first, I wasn’t too fond of the thought of a new girl in the party but not gonna lie, I was surprised. I like what she adds to the story. I also really enjoyed the new antagonist figure Billy, Max’s brother. He was something. He was the season 1 Steve that needed to be in season 2. And can we just take a moment to mention Steve’s hair. Like my god that boy’s got hair.

Don’t worry I’m not gonna spoil anything for you. I hate spoilers myself. Let’s just talk for a second. So…this new villain. UMMMM WHAT. They just jumped right into it on the first episode wasting no time. This shadow monster thing is wild and also those demogorgons (demodogs)! This plot gets crazy and things happen that make you feel some type of way. *cough* love triangles *cough*. What makes me love the show even more is that throughout all of the chaos they throw some comedy into it. These kids are hilarious. I personally love season 2 Steve the most. And I’ve got to give it to Noah Schnapp who plays Will, his performance was phenomenal.

A lot of people say this show is overrated and when I ask them if they’ve seen the show they say they haven’t. Give it a chance! They won a good chunk of awards for a reason. This show is so worth the watch. It’s a sci-fi, it’s a thriller, it’s action packed, there’s drama, and boy is there great acting. I want to thank the Duffer Brothers for creating a masterpiece. Season 2 blew me away and I highly recommend it to anyone.