Fall Collage Concert


Rachel Uttecht, Print

On Wednesday, October 2nd, the North Hills Music Department kicked off their concert season with a combined concert between the North Hills Chamber Orchestra, Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, Women’s choir, Symphonic Choir, and NH singers. The concert featured each group individually, and it also featured some of the groups collaborating together, which is impressive since they had only a few weeks to prepare. It was an amazing event that showcased every group in an exciting way to begin the school year on a good musical foot. 

The NH singers began the event with a memorable performance. After that was the chamber orchestra, led by Mr. Ballentine. They ended their performance with a collaborative piece with the women’s choir. Women’s choir singer Ashley Gallagher claimed “It was tiring and long, but it was fun and rewarding.” Wind symphony was up next. Freshman flute Madi Zarone said after the performance, “I think it went well and we collaborated nicely.” They performed with symphonic choir. Wind ensemble was next, and played many pieces including a Seal Lullaby. That piece was actually written for a Disney movie but it never premiered. Wind Ensemble members claimed it was played well even though the practice was limited. They collaborated with the all of the choirs combined. Lastly, the Allegheny Brass band performed. They played many pieces, one of which included an impressive trombone solo. Junior trumpetist, Donny White commented on the performance:“ It was great. Allegheny Brass Band was amazing. They all sounded amazing.” All in all, the performance was an exciting experience for everyone

in attendance, and many can say they will be returning next year.