Homecoming Triumph


Gianna DiPaolo, Public Relations

So, homecoming. Being a junior and this being my third homecoming, I think I can speak for most people saying this was one of the most energetic and fun dances.  The energy level on the dance floor was outstanding and it seems like everyone had the time of their lives; at the dance and after.

If anyone recalls from the previous Arrowhead, I wrote an article bashing on the hours being shortened. Oh, how I was wrong. Thank you to whoever shortened homecoming because the majority of the people would’ve probably seen their lives end on that dancefloor.  Not saying that’s a bad thing though, like go hard in the paint, but that dance was unbelievable.

Another fantastic thing about homecoming was the music. It was completely different than last year, considering Hoedown Throw down was eliminated from the playlist. The music took people into a different place, and from experience I have seen a different side of people. The only thing I’m going to say is when ‘Bend Ova’ by  Lil Jon came on, I witnessed another breed of North Hills students.

All in all, homecoming 2017 was one of the most successful dances I have attended.  From the energy on the dancefloor, to the after party, I strongly believe the majority of the people made some of the best memories. Onto the next dance, let’s top this one.