FENTY: Reviewed


Selena Bell, Editor-in-Chief

If any of you know me at all, you know that I am not the biggest makeup connoisseur; but I just had to grab some Fenty Beauty.  From the ad campaign to the ideology the brand is one the most alluring out right now.  With the most diverse shades of foundation and concealer, to lip gloss that conforms to any skintone; I must say that Rihanna is killlllllin’ the game right now. Though the brand is somewhat pricey, it will not annihilate your bank account and it is definitely a worthy splurge.

As I stroll into Sephora and the glistening floor illuminates the mass of makeup, I am approached by one of the many product pushers.

“Can I help you?”, she said with perfectly painted lips.

“I need Fenty,” I stated boldly, “but I don’t really need your help,” for if her assistance would insist me to buy so much more than I came here for as a poor girl trying to save for college.

The Fenty Beauty wall stood out, but expectedly it was very picked over.  I was lucky enough to be blessed with one of the last few highlighters and acclaimed lip gloss.  As I slowly and reluctantly walked to the cash register, I resisted the urge to buy more unnecessary beauty products: My bank account thanks me today.  Waiting in line between boujee moms and daughters alike; I feel out of place, but once I obtain my Sephora bag I will be one of them.

The total of my splurge will not be disclosed, but in reality, the pricing of Fenty beauty products is not overly extravagant in comparison to many other beauty brands of similar quality. The products in my opinion are worth their prices in full.  The gloss goes on seamlessly and smooth, lasting all day and complimenting my tricky to match skin tone.  Also, the more golden highlighter stands out on my face and does not get washed out by naturally tanned skin; though it goes on slightly heavy, one can never shine too much.

Overall, my Sephora and Fenty beauty experience can be given a nine out of ten.  The one is taken off for the sole fact that department stores freak me out.  The makeup is gorgeous and the message behind it is also something to believe in.  It is always okay to look a little different and a person should never be excluded from something because of their skin color.  The line is cruelty free and continues to impress me with the various shades and pallets that are regularly released.  Keep it up RiRi… keep it up.