Advice From A Senior

Advice From A Senior

Jess Kappeler, Website Editor

With the future looming above all our heads, we all need a little advice sometimes.

Many of you probably know senior Andrew Feltz from anywhere from the school announcements to the car wash. I got the chance to sit down with him recently to ask him about his time here at North Hills and the activities he has been involved in throughout the years. I hope you will take the time to read the advice this senior has to give.


Q: What activities are you involved in?

A: Here at school I am involved in the National Honors Society and with NHTV. In the past I was also involved with the Arrowhead and I was a member of SADD. Outside of school, I work at Northway Car Wash and do a lot with my church. I also play community basketball for Ross Township.


Q: Do you plan on going to college next year? What for?

A: Next year I will be attending the Northeast Ministry School. The following year I will attend Regent University in Virginia. I want to become a pastor.


Q: How and why did you get involved with the Arrowhead and NHTV?

A: I got involved with the Arrowhead and with NHTV because when I was younger I always thought it would be cool to be a reporter on TV. Whether it was talking about sports or covering breaking news, I often imagined myself being in front of the camera or writing a big news piece.


Q: Why did you decide to start up the North Hills bible study?

A: I decided to start the North Hills Bible study because I felt like it was an opportunity God had given me to reach our school. When I was younger, my sister and the people her age had one, but it faded away after they graduated. It was a chance for people who believe in Christ to see and interact with others who share the same faith.


Q: Do you have any regrets from your high school years?

A: My biggest regret would probably be not going to more school events like sports games and other activities when I was in middle school and in my earlier high school days.


Q: What class would you recommend for underclassmen to take? Why?

A: Definitely make sure you take Graphics either your junior or senior year. Mr. Bosely is awesome and the class is a lot of fun. You get to make t-shirts and stickers and it’s just a great class to take.


Q: Which NH teacher has influenced you the most? Why?

A: Senora Foster definitely has had the biggest impact on me. She was my Spanish teacher 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. I know it sounds cliche, but I really did learn more than just Spanish from her. I know I acted up in class most of the time, and never listened even after she told me I could only speak in Spanish in class for the 100th time (no joke); but Spanish was always the class I looked forward to going to. I just wish we had less homework.



Q: What is your favorite North Hills memory?

A: My favorite North Hills memory would either have to be filming my game show or the Office spoof for Mrs. Long’s CHS Media and Communications class. Those or maybe even just being at the school the week leading up to the WPIAL championship basketball game last year. Even though North Hills lost the game itself, the feeling of excitement around the school was incredible to be apart of.


Q: What advice would you give to upcoming seniors?

A: Senioritis and that feeling of just not wanting to do any more work is unavoidable, so just roll with it. But honestly, enjoy this final year of high school, because your life is going to be completely different afterward.


I learned a lot from Andrew during my time with him. I think his advice is a great reminder for all of us to appreciate the time we have here in high school; it goes quicker than you think. I’m glad I took the time to hear what Andrew had to say and get to learn a little bit about him in the process.