To Have Or Not to Have A Date to the School Dance

To Have Or Not to Have A Date to the School Dance

Amanda Ungerman, IndianCakes

It’s that time of year again (yay!), when we all wonder if we want to go to the school dance, let alone find a date. Now if you are #blessed and already have a special someone, honestly, don’t even read this, but if you don’t, it’s ok, that’s why I wrote this article. To start, I think it’s important for everyone to at least experience senior prom in high school because when you look back on your memories of high school you don’t just want them to be about studying or partying or practicing a sport 24/7. You need a special memory to look back on. But to go to prom, most of us feel societal pressure to find ourselves a date (which can be exhausting). Dates can range from someone you are dating to a friend to take pictures with. But you could also go without a date and still have an awesome time. But most people seem to be hesitant about this and do it as a last resort.

Over the years, dances have morphed into an annual flaunting ritual where people show off their date and outfit to anyone that will pay attention. However, it should be an event where everyone can have the time of their lives by relaxing and just enjoying good music and friends. It should not matter what type of dress you have, the style of your tux, or who your date is. Having a good time is the whole point of going to prom, it is not a place where you should be compared and judged. If you want that, then join a beauty pageant, I think you will find much more satisfaction there.

According to Bustle Magazine, there are many reasons why going alone can be just as fun as going with a date. First there is a lot less pressure if you are by yourself, and you will have a better time if you are relaxed. Also, you will not feel tethered and restricted from doing what YOU want to do and how YOU want to dance, dress, and spend your time at prom. There is a lot less drama without a date because you won’t have to worry about taking someone else’s date or other potential turmoil. You can also focus on the relationships that matter the most, like friendships. Another good reason to go stag is that it will be a lot less expensive, since going with a date automatically doubles everything. Dancing becomes way more fun by yourself since there are no expectations from a date or need to stay with one person the whole night. Nothing is more fun than dancing with your friends. Lastly, without a date you will have more time to focus on other things like, I don’t know, maybe getting into college? Don’t worry you will be OK if you go dateless.

I’m not saying don’t go with a date, I’m saying that going without a date is just as much fun as going with a date. It doesn’t matter if you go stag or with someone as long as you enjoy this memory of high school. I don’t think this article will change society’s views of dances, but I hope to change your views so that you will enjoy school dances to the fullest.