Sports Roundtable Week 8


Bub Volz, Aidan Segal, and Stephen Cosentino

The Sports RoundTable:

The Sports Roundtable consists of four sports driven students that watch sports 24/7. Some of the biggest sports topics will be discussed by seniors Stephen Cosentino, Aidan Segal,  and Bub Volz in this epic roundtable discussion. It saddens the Sports Roundtable to announce that we have lost our dear friend, Nick Smith, to another class.


Q: Bub- “There are four teams left in the NFL playoffs, the Steelers, Patriots, Packers, and Falcons. Who is going to win this weekend and why?

Stephen- “The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to make their way to the Super Bowl. They’re on a roll and will beat the Pats who are without Gronk. I also have the Atlanta Falcons beating the Packers. The Falcons have an offense who is tough to stop, they have so many threats that the inexperienced Packers secondary will need to step up big time. Steelers vs Falcons Super Bowl LI.”

Segal- “The Packers are a dangerous team and as a Steeler fan, I’m pretty nervous. If Pittsburgh defeats New England this week in the AFC Championship Game, which I truly believe they will, I think they will be playing Green Bay for the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers is everything you want in a quarterback and I think people will once again find that out against the Atlanta  Falcons.”


Q: Segal- The Warriors spanked the Cavaliers the other night in another highly anticipated game. With this win, they split the season series as LeBron and the Cavs defeated Golden State on Christmas Day. The question is, is this a rivalry? Reporters are always eager to ask the players recently. So, what do you guys think?”

Stephen- “I think it is. They have played each other in the championship the past two seasons and they’ve both been a good series. Each team has a number of stars on it and they will keep the games competitive for the next few years. I can very easily see them playing again for the championship this year.”

Bub- “Yes the Warriors and Cavs are a rivalry. They are the two best teams in the league and are expected to meet in the finals once again. If they don’t it won’t be as entertaining and the ratings will be down. The stars alone on each team make it a rivalry. Lebron, Kyrie, Kevin Love vs. Steph, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson are just some of the stars on each team. This is the best rivalry in the NBA.”


Q: Stephen- “It’s still early in the NCAA Men’s basketball season, but who do you guys have as your top team in the nation?”

Bub-  “I would have to say Villanova. They are the best team and they won it all last year when it counted. They have returning starters and Josh Hart is averaging 18 points a game. He is one of the better guards in the country. They would be my team to repeat but I know how hard that is to do.”

Segal- “Kansas has the talent. Frank Mason III is so fun to watch and I expect to see a lot of him throughout the rest of the season and deep into the tournament.”