Meet our Wrestlers


Darby Matvey

Name: Armend, Brian Fulton, Kevin Dryer, Z. Kentucky, Jake Stotz, Luke Fotta

How many years have you been wrestling?

Armend: 2


Dryer: 5


Kentucky: 3

Stotz: 7

Fotta: 10


How does wrestling affect your schedule?

A: Not enough time for my girlfriend

B: Wrestling controls everything

D: No time for other activities

K: Doesn’t really affect anything because outside of the season, I don’t really do much

S: I am more disciplined with my free time and what I eat

F: I have to sacrifice my time for the sport. It’s not unusual for my day to consist of me going to school, practice, home and then going to sleep.


When on the mat, wrestling your opponent, how do you feel?

A: Powerful

B: Not answering

D: Horrible, starved, tired.

K: Good

S: Feels like I’ve entered a void

F: I’m in the zone. I constantly have to remind myself I’m the better wrestler, even if I’m not to keep my hopes high


Best Match:

A: Against Fox Chapel and I pinned him in the second round when NO ONE BELIEVED IN ME

B: Not answering

D: Against Peters Township. 2 Years ago. Pinned the kid

K: Sophomore year against Mars. Went into overtime and the kid threw up on the last match

S:  Sophomore year against Moon. Earlier in the match a kid beat me, then I came back and wrestled him again and won.

F:  The championship match of Montour Duals and I pinned the kid in 8 seconds


Worst Match:

A: Freesport… didn’t do so well

B: Not answering

S: Last year against Knoch: I got pinned by some fat scrub

K: Against Montour. The dude picked me up from the outside of the circle and carried me back to the center of the mat.


Bond with teammates:

A: Very close

B: Family based

D: One big, happy family

K: Good

F: “One Hungry Tribe” We are able to push each other’s comfort zones which can help accomplish the team’s goals


Bond with coaches:

A: They support you and they help us with what we wanted and needed improvements

B: Good.

D: They are rough, but they are like the parents of the family

K: Good.
F: I have so much respect for my coaches. They make it so we are comfortable talking to them about issues on and off the mat


Do you plan on continuing wrestling further than high school:

A: Might take up MMA
B: Ehh… Idk
D: No
K: No
S: Probably not past college
F: Definitely yes


Worst injury:
D: Sprained meniscus
F: Currently recovering from breaking ulna (my elbow). I have a metal plate in my arm to help keep it in place until my arm heals completely
Fav. Teammate:

Dryer: Kentucky

Kentucky: Kevin Dryer


Least Fav. Teammate:

Stotz: Brian Fulton