CHS Media’s pilot of ‘The Staff’ to premiere this week

Stephen Cosentino

Bre Slepski , Public Relations

This semester, the CHS Media and Communication class has created a mock pilot episode of The Office called The Staff. The show’s purpose is to not only be a final project for the class, but to also promote CHS Media and Communication and Journalism.

The pilot episode features Kelsee McHugh, Jordan Trama, Riley Glancy, Bre Slepski, Dillon Clark, Jackie Pfeil, Stephen Cosentino, Aidan Segal, Jason Lynn, and Andrew Feltz as actors. Brian Farabaugh was the boom operator and Rachel Vandevort helped as a script writer. The show was produced, filmed, and edited in North Hills High School. The class worked together not only to produce the video but also to come up with a public relations plan to promote the show. The show is set to premiere on January 12th, 2017.

The class began by brainstorming basic ideas for what the show would be about. Everyone in the class individually decided what the personality of their character would be like. The class then separated into teams: the public relations campaign team, the script writers, the filmers, and the editors. The public relations team made a presentation to show exactly what they planned to do. Kelsee McHugh planned and executed a cast photo shoot; Riley Glancy designed a logo for The Staff and created t-shirts. Jordan Trama and Brian Farabaugh sent out tweets and posted Instagram photos daily to promote the upcoming episode. Andrew Feltz did most of the filming, with some help from Mrs. Long. Aidan Segal, Jason Lynn, Dillion Clark, and Rachel Vandevort all worked together to write the script. Jackie Pfeil helped with the story board. Stephen Cosentino and Andrew Feltz edited the film, and Stephen also created a commercial for the new show.

When the show premieres on January 12th it will be presented to North Hills High School principals and teachers. The students are creating a presentation to show everything that went into making the film and the final product. This presentation will give the students an authentic experience of what it would be like to have to prepare and present in a real life situation. In a future job, current students may have to present new ideas to a boss and as intimidating as it may be, that is something they may have to face. This presentation may help relieve some stress in the future.

CHS Media and Communication has taught the students all aspects of media production skills, including: script writing, news writing, photography, social media promotions, broadcasting, filming and film editing, graphic design, advertising, and public relations. This project allowed the class to demonstrate their mastery of these skills. As the first group of students in the new CHS Media and Communication course, we have gained these valuable media literacy skills and have a heightened ability to communicate effectively, both in and out of the classroom.