Gingerbread House Competition


Made by Brenna Baker, Rachel Gordon, Amber Kerekes, Mikaela Knupsky, Mary Rodak, and Kaitlyn Vacula
Hand Crafted by Kevin Lovasik, Lexie Meckler, Cedric Reamon, John Seibert, Maddie Simms, and Anna Tresser.
Made by Jess Bowen, Kristen Collins, Jared Rozanski, Jared Ruggeri, Johnny Stuckert, and Nate Ticjak
Hand Crafted by Becca Diak, Malina Kamienski, Skyler Swartzbaugh, Alex Tracey, Amberly Valeriano, and Mel Zeitler.
Made by Logan Bretsnyder, Hunter Ho, Matt Jumba, Brendan McGrath, Kariann Neill, and Ashlyn Riesdorph.
Hand Crafted by Zayle Apodaca, Garrett Fuchs, Gio Meiser, Madison Posterivo, and Anthony Van Kirk.
Made by Liz Ashoff, Alex Frick, Nick Heilman, Brianna Joll, and Tim Sharkey.
Made by Danny Bodish, Mike Baumann, Dylan Goldstein, and Thomas Terry.
Hand Crafted by Charis Colby, Elena Holtz, Paige Murphy, Emily Resko, Sam Zern, and Marisa Zupen.
Made by Kaylee Hibbard, Nicole Mastros, Trevor Stewart, Mike Wakelin, and Meghan Waldorf
Made by Ashley Capp, Katherine Craig, Sara Custer, Eva Hanselman, Kendall Miller, and Camille Traczek