The Bringham Review-ed


Joe Kelly and Emme Cunningham

The time: Now. The place: The Bringham Inn, a run down hotel in Illinois. This is where the High School’s Fall Play The Bringham Review is set. Written by North Hills Class of 2001 alumnus Rob Speer, and High School Assistant Director Kevin Richey, The Bringham Review is about a hotel that is in desperate need of repair, but the hotel’s owner Arthur Reynolds (played by Brandon Hackimer) finds homemade fixes to the problems that arise, even though his wife, Michelle (played by Megan Medfisch), is against it. All of a sudden, a reviewer comes to rate the hotel. The critic is named Stephanie Howard (played by Natalie Just), and she is surprised to find that the hotel is in poor shape. Then, she meets Phil, the owner’s son (played by Josh Mann), and they have an instant connection. Things end up going south and it puts the guests, staff, and the Rugby team that checks into the hotel in serious drama. Which in true comedic fashion, they get out of.

When asked about what she likes about her character Megan replied, “I like that she’s hard-working and wise, yet very light-hearted. Michelle does a lot to try and make the hotel better, but her husband makes this difficult. She jokes around a lot, but it catches you off-guard because of how serious she comes across.”

While reflecting about her favorite parts of the High School Productions, senior Natalie Just says, “I like all of the funny memories that we make backstage. One of them is when Class of 2015 alum Allie Hoffman said that ‘we’re people…not rocks!’ These productions have helped me work well with others and better myself as a performer.”

The Bringham Review is the second show that Rob and Kevin have written together for North Hills to debut (the first being And I Feel Fine in 2012). Like its predecessor, it uses current events nationally and worldwide to create some comedic gags. In And I Feel Fine, the end of the Mayan Calendar signifying the supposed “end of the world” was a constant theme throughout the entire play. As the 2016 Presidential Election, and other political topics are used in this show to spark humor into the audience members Also, there’s a lot of sight humor in the show that goes on behind the dialogue. So, when watching a comedy, be aware of what is going on around the entire scene.

“This show is different from anything I’ve done before!” says sophomore Sarah Hershberger, who plays Tara Caldwell, a member of the Rugby Team. “I like how active the Rugby Team is. I like running across the stage and how we cause chaos in the hotel. It’s just a really fun role to play.”

As Phil heeds the advice he gets from a wise old man, “to be honest even when it hurts them and you,” and the only times this man regrets in his long life is when “he wasn’t honest with himself and his loved ones.” The play centers around the idea of honesty and while being comedic most times gives a very good theme. Being honest will truly get you the farthest, even if it doesn’t seem to be the clearest choice of them all. This is something that the characters in The Bringham Review experience and learn for themselves and pass on to their audience.