Sports Roundtable Week 3


Sports RoundTable Week 3

The Sports Roundtable consists of four sports driven students that watch sports 24/7. Some of the biggest sports topics will be discussed by seniors Stephen Cosentino, Aidan Segal, Nick Smith, and Bub Volz in this epic roundtable discussion.

Q: Aidan- The NFL ratings are fairly low this year. Why do you think that is?

Bub- “Personally, I believe it’s due to how well college football is doing. There always seems to be a marquee matchup every week. The number of upsets and top 10 matchups each and every week bring down the NFL ratings. Also, I believe the officials have a reason as to why the ratings are down. They are so bad each and every game and I feel it is driving people away.

Nick- “I think that the ratings are down in the NFL because the ratings are down in all other sports.  The NFL makes so much money that they don’t need long seasons like the other sports do.  Hockey has such trouble with TV ratings that they need to have an unbelievably long season and extend it through all the other sports seasons.  The NFL is fine.  As the season goes on the ratings will go up”.

Stephen- “After watching the Steelers vs Patriots and there being 2 personal fouls for the ball carriers being picked up and slammed/nearly slammed is ridiculous. People want to see their defense manhandle the offensive backs so when they’re trying eliminate big hits it drives fans away. I hate all rules that involving hitting the quarterbacks, they’re players too with pads on so they should be hit like they’re football players. Fans want action that involves big hits that can change the course of the game.”

Q: Bub- This week starts the World Series between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. One of the longest droughts in baseball will be broken, will it be the Cubs or the Indians?

Aidan- The Chicago Cubs looked great in the NLCS. In Game 6, they rocked Clayton Kershaw, arguably the best pitcher in the league. Chicago’s pitching is stellar ,but the big bats in the lineup will bring them to their first title since 1908.

Nick-  The Cleveland Indians.  They have a great ace in Corey Kluber, one of the best if not the best relief pitcher in baseball in Andrew Miller and I just don’t see anyone stopping this team.  They have lost one postseason game so far in a game that essentially they didn’t care about up 3-0, so yes, for me the Indians without a doubt.  Unfortunately it’s Cleveland’s year as much as I hate to say it.

Stephen- “Sadly, it’ll be the Cubs. It’s more of a ‘pick who you hate least’ in this series. It’ll kill me if Cleveland wins another title. If you’re from Pittsburgh you can’t root for Cleveland unless it’s in the NBA since Pittsburgh doesn’t have a NBA team. Chicago has a powerful lineup along with veteran pitching which will help them win this series.”

Q: Stephen- “Last weekend for Sunday’s primetime game of the week, it ended in a 6-6 tie between the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals. Is there anything worse than a tie in sports?”

Nick-  No.  The worst is when I see a final in soccer end up 0-0.  Who in the world wants to watch a game that has no goals or points in it?  It’s ridiculous.  The Arizona and Seattle game was as boring as it could get.  And then for it to end in a tie?  It’s bad for the sport.  It’s just dumb.

Aidan- Rain delays can be pretty aggravating, but a tie is hard to beat. I agree with Nick, it is bad for the sport. Fans want to watch an offensive explosion with one team coming out on top. Maybe this another reason the NFL ratings.

Bub- “Nothing is worse than a tie. If you feel watching a 0-0 game is entertaining then you are just stupid. The sports that can’t end in a tie are the best kinds of sports in my opinion. I will still watch football and some soccer games when the World Cup is on but if it ends in a tie, makes me very mad.”

Q:  Nick-  Alright, so everyone is all over the Warriors…  “They stacked their team.  They are making the NBA not fun anymore.”  Everyone was all over them for KD joining the Warriors.  They just lost by 30 opening night against San Antonio.  Do you think this team is in trouble or do you think this was a good thing to happen to them?

Bub- “I feel it’s a good thing for the team. They had so much hype and talks of going 82-0. The other thing is that it’s their first game of the season. People are going to overreact about them losing their first game is not a big deal. I personally think it is going to help the team in the long run.”

Aidan- “KD is chasing rings, no denying. I do think it is too early to judge the Warriors as a whole. No one has talked about San Antonio though. Is it possible that they might be THAT GOOD? Golden State is obviously favored to win it all this year. They have 81 more games to figure it out. I think they will be fine. The only thing in their way of getting a ring is LeBron.

Stephen- “Let’s be honest, there was zero chance that this team would go 82-0. Even if they were to go 81-1, everyone is 0-0 once the playoffs begin. The regular season doesn’t mean much but what does matter is making the playoffs. Every teams goal is to make it into the playoffs then win the title. Sure it probably doesn’t feel good to lose by 29 at your home opener but they still have 81 games to play. I don’t believe with their veteran experience and leadership that this will happen again this season. They’ll bounce back and be fine.”