Chance the rapper


Noah Marshalek

Chance The Rapper is a Chicago native who is 23 years old. He is currently on his third commercial mixtape. His newest work Coloring Book went big as it hit number 8 on the Billboard 200 chart. He is now on a world tour called The Magnificent Coloring Book World Tour. The show I attended was in Fairfax, Virginia, and it was on October 6, 2016. The starting act was supposed to go on at 8:00 pm but did not start until 8:30. The only problem with the whole concert was that Chance the Rapper was scheduled for 9:00 but he did not come on until about 10:00. Once the concert started I forgot all about the long wait. Chance opened with the song “Angels,” one of the most popular songs on Coloring Book. He then followed with a variety of old jams from his two other mixtapes, 10 Day and Acid Rap. About halfway through the concert, he introduced a few life size puppets representing people he has lost throughout his life. It may sound weird, but it was actually very sentimental. Then Chance played songs praising and thanking God. These songs really hit home with the crowd as everyone started singing.

Overall, it was an incredible experience. The atmosphere in the small EagleBank Area was great, and the sound resonated throughout the whole arena the entire night. Chance the Rapper is even better in person than on recordings. He nailed every note, and every cue seemed perfect. So if you are ever given the chance to see him in concert, I would highly recommend seeing him perform. I would give the concert a 9/10 as a whole.