Man Buns in North Hills

Mike Knochel, Photo Editor

All over America people are beginning to try the new “Man Bun” craze. It is where men, and sometimes little boys, are growing out their hair and putting into a bun. It has been around for about a year now, but some people just don’t understand that they cannot pull it off. Men in this society need to know their place and stop attempting the man bun.

Just in North Hills there are multiple people with man buns and the students know who they are. One of these students is Junior, Noah Marshalek, who does have a man bun and successfully pulls it off. In an exclusive interview Noah states, “I feel it’s the people’s choice” then says “I feel I started the trend in North Hills.” He continues by saying he grew the man bun because his mother thought he looked good with it. He continues by saying, “It brings a sense of pride and is rewarding to know I made that progress.” After a meaningful discussion with Noah he also agrees that only certain people can pull it off, and others cannot. He refers back to NH alum Alex Smith saying he could sport the man bun. Then Noah discusses the terrible man buns. In the halls of North Hills you can find the worst of the worst and it just hurts to see people doing that to themselves. Noah then proceeded to say, “I have seen some man buns and wouldn’t hesitate to cut them off.”

After some long research there is a look into celebrities that can pull off the man bun an d some who cannot. An example, a prime example in fact, is the Game of Thrones legend Peter Dinklage. There is no hate toward this man or his small stature, but he just cannot get the job done and needs to cut it. Along with that, his man bun is just too small and he needs to grow it out more before trying again. Another fail is the all famous Leonardo DiCaprio. The problem with this man bun is that he has a dad bod. The dad bod and the man bun are two trends that cannot mix. Continuing this list of disgusting man buns is Brad Pitt. Not only is he a child abuser but his man bun is terrible and his blonde hair does not make him look any better. Then there are the celebrities with the good man buns. Chris Hemsworth, also known as Thor, has his long golden locks that actually make his man bun look good. Also because he has had this hair for so long and for so many roles, he knows how to perfect the man bun. Then there is the David Beckham and his man bun. Adding to his list of perfections, he can play soccer and also this man pulls off the man bun. All together, this man has too many perfections. The last man bun in this search is Orlando Bloom. There is nothing spectacular about him, but his man bun is a goal for bad man buns in this society.

To the people in North Hills High School with the bad man buns, please do us a favor and cut that ball of disgust off your head. You know who you are. Seriously, stop with the terrible man buns.