Kanye West Yeezy line


Noah Marshalek

Whether you want the sneakers or the sweaters, Kanye West’s Yeezy fashion line has it all; well most of what you want. Now, if you want some of his clothes, you’re going to have to fork out a pretty hefty amount of money.

The most expensive clothing item to date has been a $4000 shearling coat. That means that if you want this coat you will need to pay the price of a used car. When you start to get into the sneaker aspect of things, you’ll find they sell retail for $200-$650. Now you may be thinking, compared to the coat that’s not too shabby but getting them is the hardest part. The Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost sold out in .00000001 seconds. This is not a joke .00000001 seconds. That is seven zeros. So not only is it difficult to afford the shoe but it’s difficult to even purchase the shoe. Now to me, that is unbelievable that something could be off shelves that quickly, but it all makes sense. Kanye had a genius plan to make a limited run of a certain color of a certain shoe. In correlation, you probably won’t get a pair, but there is always the next color, which is just as limited. I think what Kanye is doing is smart on his part, but dumb on the fans part for buying into the process. But that’s none of my business. Kanye comes out with new releases every year, twice a year. He is killing the game right now in fashion. I can understand paying a lot of money for an exclusive sneaker, even I have done it but this is a shoe you can buy for $800 so why pay $2200 for it?

This is one of those things that I lose sleep over. Kanye West has created a wave in fashion, and although he is my favorite fashion designer, some of the things he is doing are completely ridiculous. He is completely ruining the fashion world with how expensive he is making some products because everything is becoming more expensive now. Kanye West understands supply and demand a little too well to the point that he is making some aspects corrupt. I stand by Kanye through it all, but he has such a handle on his fan base he could sell a roll of toilet paper for $1500 and it would sell out instantly. Kanye West is one of the greats but he is also extremely outrageous. Now what is downright insane is the cult people have formed around Kanye West. When I say cult, I mean if anyone talks down on Kanye or anything he does, they are attacked on social media and its never pretty. With Kanye doing what he is doing, I think its great, but it’s also a bit much. Y’all know this is just my opinion right?