New zodiac sign


Emme Cunningham, News

Growing up, I was the spitting-image of a Virgo. Never did I believe that there could be a possibility that isn’t even my true sign. Just recently, NASA released information announcing the news that a 13th sign may, in fact, be in existence. It’s called Ophiuchus, and this new sign would affect much more than just a small group of people. If you’re born between the dates of November 29 to December 17, then you can welcome this as your new sign.

Traits of the Ophiuchus include good luck, desire for wisdom and knowledge, and are drawn towards the brighter colors. They are also curious, open to change, a true visionary, and a have great sense of humor.  So, it wouldn’t be too hard to get used to this sign, but it’ll definitely take some time for me. While many people have been ignorant and not acknowledging this newly-found fact, I can’t help but wonder what a massive change this is to our society. If we did accept the new astrology sign, our whole life up until now has been a lie. Every horoscope we read was wrong, none of it actually was accurate. But, then again, it’s just a bunch of superstitions, right?

1894 B.C. Since that date, we have accepted 12 zodiac signs into our society. They’ve been around for practically forever; we have a right to find some comfort in them. Reading our weekly horoscopes gives us hope and helps us find some peace in the fact that something may go right this week, when all else seems to go wrong. The major news of this new zodiac sign wouldn’t be so major if it weren’t for the Babylonians. “The problem, according to NASA,” says, “is that the Babylonians did not ‘have any idea the Universe is so vast,’ and also ignored the 13th constellation when devising the zodiac system, likely for symmetry.” The main point is, the Babylonians have made this change all the more drastic to us. All for even division around the sun.

12 is such an important number to humans. A dozen. Noon. The first hour of the new day. 12 months. 12 zodiac signs…but now, according to, not only do we have a new zodiac sign, but our sign’s dates have been completely inaccurate this whole time. “The sky has changed from when the ancient Babylonian astrologers first viewed it, meaning that the constellations are now off by about a month. This change in the skies is a result of the gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun,” so the majority of us have spent our lives with the wrong zodiac sign. Every horoscope you read that made you think it was a perfect fit, was actually not made for you at all. And I, instead of being a Virgo, would be bumped back a whole month to a Leo. I’m not a Leo. What a frightening thought. To be so close to almost your whole life having been a lie, it just is almost too much to digest.