NFL Player’s National Anthem Protest

Zayle Apodaca, Video

As of late, NFL players have been protesting Americas “Theme Song”, the National Anthem. The seismically motivated person out of them all is Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49er’s. Since the beginning of the pre-season, Colin Kaepernick has been either sitting on the bench or on a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. It took two pre-season games for anyone to notice what exactly Kaepernick was doing; but when noticed, it shook up not only the sports world but struck a tone for anyone who has ever felt racial oppression.

Most recently, the NFL has had an increase in player protests throughout the league. Many exceptional players like Wide-Receiver Kenny Britt (Rams) and Linebacker Brandon Marshall (Broncos) are in support of the protest. When asked about he feels about the situation, journalist Jason Lynn (17) said that, “It’s just not right, Kaepernick is a scumbag.” These protests are actually affection the protesters as well. Brandon Marshall lost two of his endorsement deals with the Air Academy Federal Credit Union and CenturyLink. This would never be a problem in another league like the NBA because it is an actual rule that you must stand during any playing of the National Anthem, no questions asked. What struck a chord with most people though were on 9/11, one of the most emotional days for the United States, many players still protested.

Whether these protests are right or wrong, we cannot turn a blind eye to racial oppression. If so, the NFL is up for a fight.