North Hills gets new psych teacher for 2016-2017 school year


Madison Pierce, Copy Editor

At the start of the 2016-2017 school year, North Hills High School welcomed Mr. Pedrosky, the new psychology teacher, to the district. Because of the retirement of last year’s psych teacher Mrs. Deitz, North Hills hired Mr. Pedrosky as her replacement. Previously holding the Athletic Director position at Jeannette High School for one year and then teaching at Valley High school for nine years, North Hills is “a breath of fresh air” for Mr. Pedrosky.

Mr. Pedrosky attended IUP for undergrad and social studies education and then went to CALU for sports education. When he was asked why he decided to start teaching psychology, he stated that it was his favorite subject in college. “I had a good professor in college that taught my psychology class. I was always fascinated at how powerful the brain was and wanted to learn more about it.”

Compared to the other schools, Pedrosky says that “NH is easily the nicest school” he’s taught at. He feels very thankful to be here and believes that the staff and the kids attending are great. In regards to how well he’s adjusting to North Hills, he’s had nothing but good things to say. Everyone’s been respectful and very welcoming to him. The social studies department has been very helpful to get him going in the right direction, and it’s been an easy transition for him. Mr. Torres, when asked how Mr. Pedrosky was adjusting, said that he was struggling to deal with the travel and traffic that’s involved to get to work every day. However, he believes that he’s fit in well and is a good “punching bag” for the social studies department to take their frustration out on. In regards to how North Hills is adjusting to the new addition, everyone is excited and happy to have him here.