The Champs Are Back


Owen Davis, Promotion's Editor

After the dramatic last second touchdown to defeat the seniors for the first time in North Hills history, the champs are back. Lead by newcomer Head Coach Alex Manjerovic with the addition of Stevie Brown to the coaching staff, the Class of ‘16 Powder Puff team is ready to make history and solidify themselves as the best team in history. Although after intense contract negotiations with Claudia Neal, the team will be without their heroic quarterback.

However along with the new coaches, some new key weapons to add to the new arsenal of an offense Manjerovic has brought along with him. “The girls are really responding well to the new offense, and they’re ready to make history.” Along with that stout defense mastered by coordinator Owen Davis, the coaches claim that ‘17 is in for one long day when April 30th comes around. “These girls for sure have no chance, no wonder why there is no hype around the game”.

Please come and join us on April 30th at Martorelli Stadium for the annual Powder Puff game raising money for breast cancer awareness. Hope to see you there!