Hunka-Hunka Bernin’ Love


Photo from the internet

Caitlyn Biel, Staff Writer

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders was in Pittsburgh on Thursday, March 30th holding a rally for his supporters. With only a two-day notice of his arrival, the candidate had an unexpected turn out, with lines weaving in and out of the building, and all throughout the parking garage. People of all ages, genders, and ethnicity were in attendance, and excited to hear what the candidate had to say.

Bernie Sanders touched on many issues, from women’s rights, to immigration. He compared his point of view to those of the other candidates, and briefly explained what he would do to fix or alter issues that are important to not only himself, but to the American people. He proved himself to really be “the people’s candidate” by explaining to the crowd how he has only funded his campaign with donations from American people, has never taken money from big business corporations, and has never attempted to negotiate with Wall Street. Although the Democratic Socialist may be viewed as an underdog in the eyes of many, his following is slowly gaining speed, and Senator Bernie Sanders continues to rise in the polls, beating not only Republican front runner Donald Trump, but recently in many states taking down Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton.