2016 NBA All-Star Game Recap


photo courtesy: Newsday

Owen Davis, Entertainment Editor

The stars were all aligned in which Toronto, Canada was the site of the NBA All-Star Game. This is a special weekend in sports, considering it is for sure the most exciting all-star event across the board of professional sports. It may not have the same home court implications as say the MLB, however from Friday to Sunday we really saw some exciting stuff.

Aside from the funny business of the Celebrity All Star Game, three point contest, and dunk contest all roads of all star weekend led to the matchup of East vs. West on Sunday. Now if you want a game in which you will see absolutely no defense played as well as over/under thirty dunks. I’m not exaggerating with the whole no-defense thing; the West won the game 196 to 173. In all honesty, within the next few season we may see the first NBA game with a team scoring over 200 points. Aside from the outrageous scoring, Oklahoma City Russell Westbrook finished the game with 31 points and is only the second player ever to win MVPs in two consecutive years at the All-Star game.

The main story of the night however was Kobe Bryant playing in his final NBA All-Star Game. In his 18th, the Black Mamba recorded 10 points however the night was full of special moments for the soon to be Hall-of-Famer. Before the game a tribute video was displayed in the arena, but also at home for all of us fans to reminisce on his incredible career. Other moments included Kobe playing on the same court as close friend and former teammate in Pau Gasol who was a main contributor for two of Bryant’s five NBA Championships. Also, this was the last time LeBron James would ever guard Kobe Bryant (pictured below). Overall, as always the NBA put on a very entertaining All-Star Weekend, especially as tribute for Kobe Bryant in his final one.