Why You Should Take Journalism Next Year!

Newspaper Reporters Press Pass in Hat, White Background.

David Hillerby

Newspaper Reporter’s Press Pass in Hat, White Background.

Tyler Ray, Promotion's Editor

Scheduling new classes for next year will be here before you know it. One question that is often asked to the upperclassmen is “What are the best classes to take?” I am here to give you an answer; the best option is to take journalism. When I was first introduced to the idea of writing articles for the newspaper, I was not very interested at all. I felt every time I wrote, I was writing an essay. Then I started to realize what the field of Journalism really consisted of. Journalism is not just writing essays, it is writing articles about news and different events that interest not only the audience, but yourself. It is an awesome experience picking what you want to write about, going to the event, and expressing your opinion. Also, it is a great feeling getting your stand on something you either dislike, or a subject in which you show great appreciation to. Every time you write it will feel like you can express yourself to a whole new level. Although you will face criticism, it is all worth the hate. Taking journalism was one of the best decisions I have made regarding to scheduling classes. It has also influenced me to take on a career in this field by majoring in communications in college.