Poetry Club selling Valentine’s Day themed candygrams


Nicole Pampena, Editor-in-Chief

The North Hills Poetry Club will be holding a fundraiser selling Valentine’s Day candygrams from February 1st through February 5th in the main lobby and trading post.

The candygram will include a bag of themed Hershey kisses as well as a poem placed on the label under the category of love, friendship, anti-Valentine’s Day, “just because”, or sarcastic insults. Students will be able to choose the category of poem the recipient receives.

Poetry club members will be selling the candygrams all next week in the main lobby from 6:45 a.m. to 7:05 a.m., as well as in the trading post of the cafeteria during all lunch periods. Each bag is priced at only $1.

Candygrams are expected to be delivered to recipients in homeroom on Friday, February 12th.