Selena Bell, Staff Writer

Artists like Warhol do not come around very often, just the fact that one man can have seven entire floors of art dedicated to him, along with many other pieces that are displayed elsewhere for people to admire says a lot about his career and success as a popular artist. Upon walking into the doors of the museum, which is located on Sandusky Street downtown, all eyes are immediately drawn in by the bright colors of the walls. The display of his art starts before you can even make it into the gallery, but to get in and see the good stuff a small fee of ten dollars is required for students and twenty dollars for adults.

The best way to experience the museum is from the top down. It is arranged in a chronological order, so that you can watch the art evolve throughout his lifetime. In addition to the evolution of his art, at the base of every flight of stairs there is a timeline telling observers what was going on in Warhol’s life at the time and the history behind many of his works. As you make your way down it really is amazing to see how much changes in his life and what is changing in the world at the time. Then, as you look at the art the changes correlate directly. The Andy Warhol Museum does a great job at showing his different stages as a painter and person.

But, the main reason that people come from all over to this museum is not to learn about Warhol’s life and what went on. The reason is to see the art. From his more famous screen prints to a room projecting all of his screen tests and short videos the art is amazing. For a large portion of his career he was very focused on the things that were popular in the culture at the time, but the way that he put it all together and could somehow make everyone relate in some sort of way and that he still can do that decades after his death is as crazy as anything. Although Andy Warhol is obviously the main focus of the entire gallery, there is always an exhibit dedicated to other artists. This exhibit changes routinely, but with every change comes more great artists.

The Warhol Museum is definitely a destination that everyone should take the time to visit. For being a gallery based mostly on one man, it is very surprisingly exciting from the top to the bottom. The atmosphere, art, and articulation of the museum, in my opinion, is perfect. Ten out of ten; even if art is not your thing, give it a shot.