Steelers make the playoffs


Mike Serpa, Staff Writer

Well if you live in Pittsburgh, you have probably heard about the Steelers. They have made the playoffs this year. But, like all Pittsburgh sports are good at, they waited till the last week to secure a spot in the wildcard round this weekend. They will be squaring off against the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday, January 9th at 8:05 p.m. Since the Bengals are the higher seed, the game will be hosted in Cincinnati at Paul Brown Stadium.

Pittsburgh ended the season with a 10 and 6 record as compared to Cincinnati’s record at 12 and 4. Looking at solely the statistics, it seems as if these two teams are just about evenly matched. Even though they scored almost the exact same points a game, Pittsburgh averaged more passing yards and total yards a game on offense. On the flip side of the ball, it’s the Bengals defense that has the upper hand. They have let up less passing yards and less total yards per game.

But looking at the personal and injuries on each team. Pittsburgh has no significant injuries that they haven’t been able to fill with backups. Cincinnati has a much more serious issue with injuries. They have lost their “franchise” quarterback in Andy Dalton. He fractured his thumb and is most likely out for the first round. As far as predictions, the Bengals are predicted to win by 3 points. It is said that Cincinnati’s passing game will be too much Pittsburgh’s secondary.