Dismount ASAP

Dismount ASAP

Selena Bell, Staff Writer

Upon conducting a survey asking female students and teachers how they arrived at school today, they responded with things such as “I came in my car.” or maybe “I rode the bus to school today.” No one, in fact, rode their horse up the hill to our high school and if they did, I would be willing to bet that they are boldly lying.  It’s time for all of you girls to get off your high horses and take off your riding boots.  Please open your eyes and think about all of the poor equestrians that these boots were originally intended for and how they have been turned into an insane fashion novelty.

As I walk through the halls, the malls, the streets, and even sometimes in my own home, I look down just to notice another pair of riding boot that everyone has.  I understand that what is trendy is just going to be trendy until people realize that it never was just like everything else, but why the horse boots? Where did this come from, and why is it staying with us for so long?  There are plenty of other styles of boots that are readily available to anyone who may want them.  We survived without the riding boot trend for many years, so I know for a fact the female population can do it again if we can manage to get our strength back somewhere along the lines.

I suppose that I can understand the appeal that the height and versatility give off and also the appeal of being just like everyone else that day.  BUT I still cannot fathom who in their right mind said, “Hey, I think that I want to wear this cute dress, but also I’d like to be a little bit edgy and maybe wear those boots that I saw when I was watching the Kentucky Derby.”

To each her own I guess.  I just hope that this madness ends soon which like all fashion things, will end soon enough.  As soon as someone gives me a logical reason for why this style got so big so fast, I might just be okay with it, but until then I will continue to be as anti-horse boot as anyone can be.  Or when someone gallops through the snow on their stallion I will accept this behavior from them and only them.  Please bring back the Uggs; I cannot believe that things could be that bad.