Hello Bistro Review

Hello Bistro Review

Janene Hodge and Emme Cunningham, Staff Writers

Hello Bistro is an exquisite salad bar and burger restaurant located at 701 Providence Boulevard in McCandless Crossing, Pennsylvania. They are open everyday from 10am-10pm and half of the restaurant is a salad bar while the other half is an ordering station for burgers. The restaurant mostly serves salads and burgers but occasionally it does have soups and desserts. The menu also consisted of a kid’s section that mostly served hamburgers and salads. In my opinion, this is a pretty good restaurant to stop at and it is definitely a must try.

If you are looking for a new, semi-healthy restaurant to try, Hello Bistro is definitely it. The food was great, and the salads came in huge bowls. You can pick whatever lettuce you want, and are able to add different meats for an additional price. Some meat you were able to choose from was grilled chicken, shrimp and beef. The shrimp was very fresh, and surprisingly they cut off the tails unlike most restaurants. There are different croutons, and you were able to have the choice of cutting up the salad into whatever bite size you desire. They also had unique and unusual salad dressings. One was the Apple cider vinaigrette, which is very sweet and one of the regular ones was the Caesar dressing.

The staff members at Hello Bistro were all very well trained. The staff members made ordering and spending time at the restaurant fun and easy. They answered all the questions we had and took what we asked into consideration. The workers also kept all the tables very presentable and really cared about your opinion on the restaurant. The staff members also interacted with us about their decorations and it was nice to get a chance to talk to them. We were even able to meet one of the employees who worked on the wall. He said, “It’s very enjoying and fun to be able to work at a restaurant like this, and also work on something artistic and creative.”

The décor at the restaurant made the room colorful and in the middle of the room there was a giant chalkboard that had the name of restaurant on it, it also had cool pictures of food on it, and everyone could sign the board. The restaurant was kept very clean. Although the bathrooms were really small they were still manageable and were well taken care of. Outside of the bathrooms at the tables whenever you were finished with your meal you could leave your trash on the tables and the staff would quickly clean it up and make the table look presentable. Though the seating was chairs and stools, the large chalkboard featuring wall art made the room look brighter and happier.

Hello Bistro is definitely a place you want to check out. It has many unique characteristics, and very well made food. The employees were willing to interact with their customers, and help with any questions they may have. Overall, Hello Bistro is a great place to try if you are looking for a healthier idea to eat at.