Hello… It’s the Review for 25

Hello... Its the Review for 25

Selena Bell, Staff Writer

It’s been a brutal, tormenting wait for the album that we have all been dreaming of.  But it’s finally here and ready to be belted in the showers by all.  Earlier this November we were all teased by the single that Adele released to get us all more than excited to hear what she has been working on for so long.  If the classic Adele sound is what you wanted to hear then these fourteen songs will not disappoint.

Pulling you in and greeting you is the previously released song “Hello”.  Yes, Adele it is you we have been looking for.  This captivating song was the perfect way to give fans a taste of what 25 was going to be like.  “Hello” is immediately followed by a something a little bit different.  The song “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” has a fun and pop-like sound to it, but just like always she sticks the “it’s time to move on, I don’t need no man” message in.  The lyric “we gotta let go of all of our ghosts” which follows Adele telling this mystery ex-love of hers to treat his new girl better.  Typical Adele…

As the album progresses it’s back and forth between being in love and never loving again: a roller coaster of emotion and vocal range.  This winter I hope you are all ready to feel it all right along with her.  Following the empowering track focused on the idea of moving on are the songs “I Miss You”, “When We Were Young”, and Water Under the Bridge”.  Contradicting the previous lyrics these are more centered around the need to be loved and wanting what you once had back.  “Water Under the Bridge” contains the lyric “the only thing that I want is your love” and “our water ain’t under the bridge” meaning that their love is never unnoticed or forgotten. Quite the contrary to what was just mentioned in the previous track, I am willing to look past the emotional confusion just for her.  At just track 6 in the album, there are still many more ups and downs.

As 25 progresses, there aren’t many surprises.  It is way similar to 19 and 21.  I am and always will be a huge Adele fan, but nearly another 50 minutes of heartbreak can be a little bit much.  I guess it all has a time and place.  This is another perfect shower album or a fantastic addition to your breakup playlist; but as far as Adele goes I really think her other albums were better specifically for the reason that we have heard it all before.  It is nice to have a something SLIGHTLY different, but it would have been even nicer if she would have gave us all a little shock.  Overall, I think that the expectations were too high.  I had told myself that I was going to be listening to this album on loop for the next four months, but once or twice is enough for now.  Do not get me wrong, Adele is Adele and 25 is much worth a listen, but the outcome was much less excited than I had anticipated.  I would give it at most a 3.2 out of 5.  The hype was too real.