Come to Jazz Night November 19!


Rachel Vandevort, Staff Writer

Saxophones, trumpets, guitars– oh my! Its that time of year again… Jazz Night. Students have been practicing day and night for this upcoming performance. They have auditioned for this selective group and memorized their hearts out, and now their time to shine has come.

On November 19th at 7:00 pm the Jazz Band will be performing at the North Hills High School Auditorium. They will be showcasing their abilities for the first time this year; there will also be a special performance by The Burgh, which is a local, professional jazz band. The night will go as follows: The Burgh will open the night with a few of their numbers, the middle school band will then perform, and finally the high schoolers will finish off the night. Some of the songs that will be performed include “Blackbird” by the Beatles; “Peanut Vendor”, a Latin jam; “Boogey Woogey Bugle Boy”, a song about WWII; I Can’t Stop Loving You by Don Gibson; a vocal piece by Izzy Roll called “Just Friends”; and more. With such an array of songs, the night is sure to be one that will have the audience dancing and singing in their seats.

Tickets for the event are free to the public and all ages are encouraged to come to the event. All who are interested or have anymore questions please contact band director, Mr. Lavelle, at [email protected]. The Jazz Band is looking forward to seeing all who attend their performance and would like to thank their supporters.